Dear Colleagues,


We are very sorry to announce that due to the lack of improvement in the COVID-19 pandemic all over the world,
we need to cancel the ICT/ECT 2021 conference in Krakow and postpone it until June/July 2024.


The decision was made in consultation with the Boards of the International (ITS) and European (ETS) Thermoelectric Societies.

We would like to express our warm thanks to the plenary and invited lecturers who responded so positively to our invitation,
as well as all those who registered to the conference and sent their abstracts.


We apologize that your results will be not presented at the ICT/ECT 2021 in Krakow.

At the same time, we want to cordially invite all researchers and fans
of thermoelectricity to our beautiful city for the next  ICT/ECT conference in 2024.


Krzysztof  Wojciechowski & Janusz Tobola

ICT/ECT2021 chairmen

May 6, 2021



Dear ICT/ECT 2021 Community

The joint 40th International and 19th European Conference on Thermoelectrics, ICT/ECT 2021, supported by International  Thermoelectric  Society (ITS) and  European  Thermoelectric Society (ETS), is  arranged  to  take  place  in  Krakow  (Poland),  with  a  new  date  set on:
September 5-8, 2021.

As we are all aware of the global pandemic situation, it is difficult to plan firmly anything for the next year. Therefore, at this moment we only kindly request you to remember these dates while planning your activities in 2021.

The successful history of the ICT conferences started in the USA (Arlington, 1976). Initially, it was a biannual cycle, was changed to an annual meeting, then expanded to Europe (Nancy, 1989) and later Asia (Yokohama, 1993), with the most recent conferences held in the USA (Pasadena, 2017), France (Caen, 2018) and South Korea (Gyeongju, 2019). Presently, ICT/ECT remains the most important thermoelectric congress, assembling physicists, chemists and material scientists from all over the world.

In the spirit of previous ICT / ECT 2021 conferences in Krakow, it will be a forum for discussion on new ideas and discoveries in the field of chemistry, physics and material science that contribute to the progress in thermoelectricity. The conference will cover its all possible aspects: theory and modeling; physical phenomena; new materials; measurement techniques; thermoelectric devices; systems and applications.

ICT/ECT 2021 is organized by the AGH University of Science and Technology that celebrated in 2019 its 100th anniversary and is one of the most significant academic and research centers in Poland. Finally, we warmly invite to visit historic and royal Krakow, the heart of Polish culture, tradition and architecture.

Looking forward to see you in Krakow 

Krzysztof Wojciechowski & Janusz Tobola


Rector of AGH UST

Jerzy Lis

Honorary patronage

President of the City of Krakow

Jacek Majchrowski  

Media patronage